Folk tales Are tales or stories that are part of the oral traditions of a people or a place.

Almost all Folktales come from oral folklore stories. They may have been passed from parents to children for many generations.   They can be stories adults have heard and are then used to entertain children or other adults.  As time went on, these stories were told over and over;  In some cases the storytellers added something to the stories to make them more interesting and fascinating.   Some of these stories were then written down and have become our folktales.

These Folktales reflect the time, place and culture of those peoples that told these folk stories.  Some of these folk stories have been traced as far back as the Bronze Age and they occur in every place and culture on this globe.  Who, When, Where and how these stories were recorded or published is a another story that we will discuss here.

Myths, legends, fables and tall tales can all trace their beginnings back to folktales. Every culture, race, nationality and location will have had some form of all the above, recorded and published.